Why Fitness?

Boobs.  That in a nutshell is what got me into exercising and lifting weights; now wait a minute, these boobs weren’t anyone else’s but mine.  I must have been 12 or 13 years old and I was a bit on the chubby side (mom called it husky).  I wasn’t much for praying at this age, but I will tell you what: in Junior High I prayed a lot during basketball practice.  Let’s just say at that time teams were divided into shirts and skins and I prayed fervently that I could be put on the shirts team.  However, humiliated, I would join the skins team – what seemed to be – everytime!  My first memory of exercise after this was push-ups; heck, if my fatty chest was the guilty party of my physical shame – then push-ups will make them turn into Schwarzenegger Pecs!  Well, I found out that this particular exercise was no friend of mine!  Not only did I struggle to lift my body off of the floor one time, there was no way I could do it with a flat back.  I was kicked after being knocked down…not only did I have a feminine feature, but I couldn’t even do a “boy” push-up – the anguish!  For some reason, I continued on with this pursuit of building a better body.  No matter how many physcial obstacles I ran into (and there were plenty, trust me) I kept plugging away convincing myself that there can be a better Cory physically, and from what I had read, this physical improvement will positively impact my self-esteem, confidence, and overall emotional well being.

Continuing to convince myself that there will be a payoff for this insane amount of work has made me a better person all around.  I am not trying to motivate you and be your rah-rah cheerleader, but there is something to be said of over two decades of exercising with different goals, a variety of modes, constant education, personal encounters, ups, downs, good jobs, not-so-good jobs, relationships, and the list could go on and on.  All this wrapped up has shaped me literally and metaphorically into the fitness professional I am today (and will be tomorrow)!  Never did I think I would start a blog and never did I think my first blog would start with the word ‘boobs,’ but there you have it.