Train to Live

Not necessarily live to train.

Too many of us get caught up with the idea that in order to improve our physical fitness levels we must spend countless hours in the gym and kill ourselves.  This expectation stops a lot of people from even attempting to reclaim their fitness, achieve their goals, and earn their results!  In the priorities of life: spouse, kids, extracurricular activities, careers, etc – if committing to improving one’s physical health is going to be time-consuming, it falls pretty far down the ladder of needs and wants.  And for those that do frequent the gym and spend more than 45-60 minutes per session, it’s too much!  Train to live, yes!  But let’s not live to train; live to live life – and live it to its fullest!

I’ve said it so many times in my previous blogs, and I will say it again: if what you are doing in your training is not applicable outside the four walls of the gym … you are WASTING your time!  We train so we are better prepared for what life has to throw at us; we want to become more efficient in our daily tasks – whatever they may be.  Bench Pressin’ and Bicep Curlin’ and Tricep Extendin’ is not going to help me climb the stairs, get up off of the ground, or pick up my children (and sometimes my wife when she lets me)!

I love looking at the exercise machines in the gym and seeing those pictures that highlight what exact muscle the particular machine is going to work.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  Want a better butt?  Better go do the Glute Raise machine!  What we fail to recognize are all the muscles that aren’t highlighted!  All that money that went into purchasing that shiny piece of equipment, all those moving parts that you have to adjust, and all the pads that you have to clean after – all that money, time, and effort, for what?  One muscle group worked?!?!?  The physical activities that life has ready for us does not work once muscle group at a time.

Prepare yourself for what life has for you,
not what the gym has for you!

Suprise Ropes!
Suprise Ropes!

I think about an athlete training the high knee drill with the ropes.  Why does he do that?  In case during the game a rope-grid pops up and he can successfully manuever through it?  No, it carries over to the field of play and trains the athlete to have better running form, quicker feet, and a sense of awareness with control.  All these factors will make for an athlete that will run harder, faster, and more efficiently!  The bench press, the bicep curl, the lat pulldown.  Where in life are you going to use those movements in isolation?  Trust me, I can get a better chest, arm, and back workout from getting up off of the ground under load than with those three exercises.  Plus, it includes a whole lot more muscles in a functional manner!

The bench press will come in handy in the unlikely event...
The bench press will come in handy in the unlikely event…

Improving your physical fitness levels does require work and time.  However, with the right direction, it does not have to be an investment that eats up every free hour you have!  By utilizing a proper training program with qualified trainers (find more about that by CLICKING HERE!) you can have an effective experience at the gym without wasting your valuable time so you DO have time to live your life and live it to the fullest!