Roll With It

Am I beating a dead horse by continually talking about how non-effective traditional “core” exercises are? No, I don’t think so. Not only the lack of effectiveness, but the absence of real-life practicality. Do you think world class Olympians worry about crunches

Do you think he's worried about ab crunches?
Do you think he’s worried about ab crunches?

and planks? I’m not assuming people reading this are aspiring for the gold medal in the Olympics, but I am making an educated guess everyone reading this wants a stronger midsection.

If this wasn’t the case, why is it “ab toning” gizmos are the industry’s highest sellers? Why is it an overwhelming majority of people stepping into our training gym are asking about getting their core stronger? People are beginning to understand many physical problems can be linked with a poor firing core musculature.

We do the Functional Movement Screen and it let’s us know A LOT about our client’s movement literacy. However, its nice to have a few other standards to gauge movement competency.

The half-backwards roll is a great movement/exercise to engage the core while teaching the body to fire in a proper sequential order. This is usually done with a rocking pattern included.

Take it to the next level, though, and include no momentum (rocking pattern) to the
half-backwards roll & VOILĂ€ – Jedi Level!
2015-06-30 19.38.27If you can master this movement by making it look easy and fluid … know this:
you have great core stability, along with adequate mobility, and most likely
purposeful body strength turning you into a movement hero!

BUT, if you were unable to master, let alone complete, this movement – don’t worry … you’re still a good person & we still like you! We only need to take it down a notch and master a lower level pattern; for instance the half-backwards roll with a rocking pattern included shown earlier. I will not guarantee attempting to build core stability using crunches and planks will get you to this level of movement efficiency. I will, however, guarantee trying to improve and master lower level patterns will give you a strength applicable to any situation in life and make you a better human being!

If you want to see your abs, eat better.
If you want stronger abs, move better.
Gray Cook