A Heavenly Exercise

I want you to know –  no matter what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2016 – you NEED to add the Halo exercise into your toolbox at least once a week in some form or another!


Let’s take this from the top (literally)

Your shoulders & upper back – they need some Halos.

We sit A LOT! And our slumped shoulder posture is looking for a hero. No matter what form your Halo takes … this movement (done right) demands upper-back uprightness; our knight in shining armor for that slouching posture. It’d be sufficient to think of Halos as the WD-40 for your shoulder (ball & socket) joints, shoulder blades, collarbones, and ribs – it greases the groove in a major way.

If we stopped there, it would be enough … but it keeps getting better!

Your core is no more
(See what I did there with the rhyme?)

The majority of people coming to us say their core is out of shape and in need of strength. What is amazingly tragic about this is how the fitness industry has profited greatly from core-targeted equipment. Have you seen the crazy gizmos people are buying? What is the #1 topic on a front cover of any fitness magazine? Get ripped/shredded/sculpted abs in 30 seconds, or less. You’d think with all the Shake Weights, Abs of Steel DVDs, magazines, & YouTube help every person would have a strong, highly functioning core. Please, stop the AB-SANITY! You cannot buy a strong core … we just need you to train it smartly.

Since, I’m on the topic – people just plain don’t know how to work (let alone train) their core. How many wasted hours in a lifetime have been dedicated to crunches, sit-ups, planks, and any other advertised core exercise guaranteed to give you a better midsection and a pained neck? Your abs are good for one thing, and one thing only: stabilizing the spine in your lumbar/abdomen region.

::Cue the Halo music::

What great timing! Halos need your abdomen to stabilize the spine in order to deliver the goodness it offers. This is where most people miss the boat. Some fitness goers are under the impression that waving a kettle bell as fast as you can around your head is a good idea and working something. The only thing I can see working is the chances of knocking yourself out with the weighted implement! Doing this exercise correctly and asking your abs & hips to keep quiet while your shoulders and arms are moving around your head is not only core stabilization, but a complete, practical approach to core stabilization. Even ab crunches on the yoga ball can’t bring you this bouquet of beautifulness!

Hips Don’t Lie.

No matter what variation of the Halo exercise you choose to do – your hips & thighs are going to benefit. The non-movement control required of your friends south of the belt will give you strength and mobility all in the same breath. Whether you find yourself in a half-kneeling, standing, or lunging position … the hips really have to stabilize (with the abs) to prevent the body from “blowing in the wind.” This allows once dormant butts to rediscover their role and learn again how to move by, uh … well, not moving. It seems counterintuitive, but by not moving – these parts become better movers.

So, The Halo: it makes short people tall, tall people more upright, and sinners become saints. This divine exercise requires your body to work together with some parts moving and some parts not moving – making all the muscles do exactly what they’re suppose to do. If this exercise is not in your fitness toolbox – get in there for 2016 … you won’t be disappointed!

Look at some of the many variations you can do with this simple exercise!