Do We Really Need Another Program?

Cory M. Cripe, DVRT Master Instructor (Creator of DVRT Movement Strength Program)

With all the various fitness programs to create, why a Movement Strength one? And what is “Movement Strength?”

Do you know why the name of the gym I own and am an employed at in La Crosse, Wisconsin is called Fitness Lying Down? It’s the same reason I created a program about improving movement strength. The overwhelming majority of clients who come to Fitness Lying Down have issues, physical issues – better yet – movement issues.

A lot of these movement problems can be remedied by reclaiming our movements previously earned by finding ourselves on the floor – lying down – where it all began. Think of it, as a baby you were born with unlimited mobility. Have you seen what babies can do with their feet and mouths? You had the ability to put your foot in your mouth, but you had to figure out how to make it happen through motor control (learn & earn).

Recreating our original movement-experience environments should not be crowded with gigantic barbell racks or multiple benches or an impressive line of the latest treadmills. In order to reconnect with our bodies we should give ourselves the most space we can with the least amount of equipment possible.

That’s what makes this program so great for everyone! Movement Strength allows you the opportunity to return where it all began and work your way back to being a stronger, more efficient mover from the ground up!

Of course we don’t expect you to stay on the ground, lying down, for your entire fitness experience! The ground is a great place to begin to help reconnect ourselves with our movements, but we need to take this reconnection and apply it to where we do things best – on both feet! As a trainer, I enjoy programming various ground-based movements throughout sessions to make sure bodies are reconnected and tuned in!

However, my favorite piece of the “fitness pie” served at Fitness Lying Down is the mindfulness of movement. Too many times I walk into a gym and see everyone tuned into their music, TV, etc and tuned out of their movements. This disconnect, I believe, is why people aren’t getting what they want from their workouts – they’re just going through the motions convinced that’s all you need to do.

We challenge our clients, and I now challenge you, to have control of your movements through the individual drills to demonstrate mastery of movement. This requires a high level of attentiveness. Does that always happen? No. But that’s WHY we train – so we can keep moving in the right direction. It is a process and when we move with intent and purpose in our training it can’t but help to become part of our daily activities.

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