Why Choose Fitness Lying Down?

For over 5 years we’ve been serving the La Crosse area by providing smarter fitness solutions, not just exercises, to provide our clients with a strength they have never experienced before!

We believe it takes a village!

By offering better solutions to people’s fitness needs, we have seen knee, low back, and shoulder pain improve and get better, get better to the point that our clients are moving pain free for the first time in a long time! We are told how they feel stronger through their core and are more confident outside the gym than they ever have before from bending over to pick up their kids/grandkids, carrying things upstairs/downstairs, having more balance when they walk with improved posture, and even running a half marathon with no pain!

At Fitness Lying Down, we follow a training system that allows us to work with all walks of life (we are training clients who have had back surgeries, total hip & knee replacements, and frozen shoulder to name a few) and provide a successful training experience so that everyone can benefit and enjoy their lives with better movement through smarter fitness!

Find out from Fitness Lying Down owner, Cory Cripe, what separates us in the La Crosse community …

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