Why Choose Fitness Lying Down?

For over 5 years we’ve been serving the La Crosse area by providing smarter fitness solutions, not just exercises, to provide our clients with a strength they have never experienced before! By offering better solutions to people’s fitness needs, we have seen knee, low back, and shoulder pain improve and get better, get better to […]

KBs, USBS, TGUs, & You!

ult Cory M. Cripe, DVRT Master Instructor (Creator of DVRT Movement Strength Program) Anybody who knows me knows that when it comes to the garage, I am NOT a tool man! Sure, I’ve grown up and been around plenty of people who have these lavish garages with what appears to be an endless amount of […]

Change for Change’s Sake

You Will Never Get Bored With Our Workout! This is something that bothers me when gyms try to market and appeal with their ever-changing workouts. The fact is, in this industry we’re not suppose to, a catch phrase I’ve picked up on, “enter-train.” Your trainer, no matter who they are, has worked hard to create […]

Why We Do It

If you are looking for a gym so you can “feel the pump,” or are looking to get absolutely destroyed by your workout – move on to another blog. However, if you are seeking to move better & function well – keep reading (this may be the best thing you read all day)! Most gyms […]

Abs of Copper

If you were planning on using a metal to conduct energy (e.g. electricity or heat). What would you choose? Copper or Steel? Quite possibly you don’t care (it really isn’t something that concerns me either – I’ll let the contractor take care of it), but keep reading if you are concerned with your ab strength & core […]

“Off-Day” Circuit

Most likely you’re here because you have off-days that need to complement your on-days regarding any training you do. Let’s face it, if you’re a runner – you should really do other activities than run – this will help to improve your overall running efforts. If your sport is to lift massive amounts of weight […]

Get Up!

It seems simple, but is it? Getting up off of the ground. Have you ever watched someone struggle, or struggle yourself, rising from the floor? Did you know getting off the ground without using your hands can increase your life? Also, being able to ascend from a grounded position can be used to improve your […]