The 12 Sets of Christmas!

Here we are, 2015 almost in the books, it’s a long weekend, you have no exercise equipment, and need to move. Well, we are in a giving mood this Christmas Season and want to give you the gift of movement: The 12 Sets of Christmas! Complete 2-3 rounds of the 12 Sets of Christmas. If needed, […]

Carry This!

We Love Carries! Just think, you spend more time carrying things than actually lifting them. However, most of the fitness programs out there neglect this basic activity. Is it because it’s too simple? Maybe, but we see the benefits and huge rewards that The Carry offers. If done properly, The Carry will create more grip strength, arm strength, […]

Strong Isn’t Strong Enough

If you were given a gym with all the fixins’ and told to do any exercises you wanted to do – you would most likely gravitate to what you know and are good at: the treadmill, recumbent bike, leg press, bench press, etc. Never would you fathom doing the exercises you struggle with. And therein lies our problem. Have you heard […]

Fitness Challenge Results

Six weeks ago 12 people embarked on an adventure to improve. Improve what? Weight loss? A reduction of inches in their waist and hips? Nope. We took three BIG exercises proven to have “real life” applicability and asked them to improve their performance in each exercise as a team challenge. They were not alone, however. We […]

Compensated for Compensating?

It’s no secret, people are seeking individualized programs for their fitness needs/goals. And they should receive it, but do they get it? If you are depending on strength machines to get you where you need to go – your program is absolutely lacking that personalized feel. That’s become pretty common knowledge, though. People understand the […]

Pull ‘Em Up!

We love the squats and believe everyone should benefit from what they offer. However, we find too many people aren’t set up properly to begin this movement. We hope you find this tip helpful the next time you approach any squat exercise: Think of your pelvis as a pair of pants and pull them up […]

Boot Scootin’ Boogie

The Scoot Official Name: Oliver’s Scoot Unofficial Name: Oliver “Chico Rodriguez” Scoot There are so many avenues to go down when searching for exercises and exercise inspirations: books, magazines, YouTube, local gyms, etc. However, I never thought to be inspired by my son Oliver (who was 3 years old at the time) at home on […]

Correct This!

We talk corrective exercises – A LOT! We find most of our clients need certain movement-based exercises to help correct bad movement patterns via the Functional Movement Screen (FMS); this is a good thing. However, we don’t want to get too hung up in Corrective Exercise Land and lose sight of why people train. People […]

All Fired Up

It’s amazing to think a year ago this week the best and worse thing happened to me. Two highlights of my professional career happened almost 9 years apart in the same room by the same person. Let’s go back to the beginning. In the Summer of 2005 I was working as a personal trainer in […]