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The questions you have,
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Seriously, this is how we roll!
Seriously, this is how we roll!

Q. What is Fitness Lying Down?

A. Fitness Lying Down is our approach to physical fitness, blending the Functional Movement Screen with exercises to not only help correct dysfunctional movement patterns, but to also build body control and strength through movement-based fitness.

Q. What is the Functional Movement Screen?

A. The Functional Movement Screen is a tool that can be used in fitness, as well as clinical settings, that quantifies a person’s movement patterns and places them into three categories: painful, dysfunctional, functional.  You can find out more about it here, here, and here.  Also … visit their website!

Q. What does the 21-Day Trial include?

A. Your 21-Day Trial includes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and then one of two options depending on your goals and your FMS results. You can have access to six personal training sessions, two times per week for three weeks OR nine group training session, three times per week for three weeks. Great way to get your feet wet!

Personal Training Trial $99
Group Training Trial $49

Q. Why are movement patterns so important?

A. Movement patterns are the foundation to everything we do physically.  No matter your activity: tackling an opponent, throwing a baseball, putting out fires, picking up a baby, or walking up the stairs … proper movement is necessary.  When we don’t honor the foundation, everything we build on top of it ends up tumbling down at some point.

Q. I exercise right now anyway, isn’t that enough?

A. Maybe.  The underlying issue could be you have an asymmetrical, or dysfunctional, movement pattern and without that knowledge, the exercises you are choosing may actually be working against your movement patterns – not improving them.  The Functional Movement Screen takes out the unnecessary guess work when choosing efficient, effective exercises.

Q. Isn’t Fitness Lying Down basically Yoga?

A. No.  Even though from the outside you may see parallels with Yoga and Pilates in regards to the methods, movement-driven fitness goes even deeper than that.  With Fitness Lying Down, your movement dysfunctions are exposed even before you begin any session.  Once the weakest link is identified through the FMS, we go after it by kicking the bad, habitual movement patterns and reprogramming the good, authentic movement patterns learned early in life.  Once acceptable movement is gained – you can expect to be challenged physically and mentally through various exercises and tools!

Q.  Will I get “toned” from these exercises?

A.  To be honest, your physical appearance is not the greatest concern with Fitness Lying Down, your movement is!  The good news is that by taking the focus off of what area a particular exercise “works” (and any given exercise will be taking care of at least 10 different areas at once), and concentrating on moving well, your body will respond through improved mobility, body control, and strength.  These three ingredients are huge in the quest for decreasing fat mass, increasing lean mass, and toning up.  Why worry about factors you have no control over (like where you lose fat)?  When you can focus on what can be improved (like moving better)?  This will be the cause, and affect, of a successful life of physical fitness!

Q.  What’s with the rolling thing?

A. We would encourage you to read the 10 reasons why I roll here!

Q. What kind of equipment can I expect to use with Fitness Lying Down?

A. Fitness Lying Down is all about using equipment that is mulit-functional; meaning that if you can’t do more than a million exercises with that particular tool – it has no business in our fitness menu!  There are too many pieces of equipment out there that will force you to do what it wants you to do, but let’s turn the table and demand that the equipment works for us and our fitness goals.  Let’s stay efficient, effective, and always learning (not just with our minds, but with our bodies, too)!