Client Services

Group Training

Our Group Training will be sure to motivate you through different, movement-based exercises that promote and encourage functional fitness while you experience a true group dynamic with up to 12 people in attendance!  We have four training sessions programmed each week focusing on the mobility, stability, and strength your body requires! You just pick the time and we’ll make sure there is enough to go around!

Make sure to sign up early and often for these highly metabolic sessions that offer effectiveness, efficiency, and fun

Semi-Private (Personal) Training

Our Personal Training offers you the opportunity to have an individual exercise program created for your special movement needs and/or fitness goals.  Come and be coached effectively through your sessions so that you may leave at the end knowing that your time was efficiently spent getting you closer to your goals without compromising your movement patterns!

Find  out more benefits of Semi-Private Training HERE.

21-Day Trial

Individuals that have never experienced Fitness Lying Down will have a chance to take advantage of either Group Training or Personal Training for 21 Days.  Included in your 21-Day Trial is a Success Session where we get to find out more about you and your goals.  You will be amazed in this short amount of time how your body will respond to the unique stimulus of the training offered by us!  Don’t delay, sign up today!

21-Day Group Training Sign-Up 21-Day Personal Training Sign-Up

Success Session (Consultation)
This is where it starts for our clients and us; we lay out the blueprint of your needs and wants to set you up on your way to meet your goals and earn your results!  You will meet with one of our highly trained fitness professionals and go through health history, exercise history, personal goals, and a Functional Movement Screen.  This information will allow us to create for you a workout that will get you to your goals while, at the same time, correct any faulty movement patterns you may have.  Its your one-stop shop!

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