Joint by Joint

On Monday I had published a blog called, Are You Flexible Enough?, and I have received a few questions regarding the Joint by Joint approach brought about by Mr Gray Cook and Mr Mike Boyle (there is no way I can take credit for coming up with this brilliant, yet simple point of view).  So, […]

Are You Flexible Enough?

This is an all too popular question that doesn’t get answered as well as it should in the fitness industry. The reason the answer doesn’t suffice is because it’s the wrong question! I Googled the definition of flexibility and the first response was: the quality of bending easily without breaking. Is that really what we […]

What is Fit?

There was a time in my life that I was able to bench press a lot more weight than I can now.  There was also a time where I was capable of heavily loading a bar across my shoulders and lowering myself so my thighs were parallel with the ground and standing back up (normally […]

That’s Ab-tastic!

Finally.  I have preached about the bench press, the squat, the deadlift, and I’m pretty sure you won’t ever read a whole blog devoted to the arm curl. But now, the most obsessed, most worked on body part in the Western World … the abs.  Not just the abs, however, but the entire core from […]

Separate and Not Equal

By now you may be getting an understanding of my unique approach to physical fitness (if this is your first Fitness Lying Down blog experience – please, read a few earlier blogs to catch up) and you may wonder how does this measure up to your current fitness practice.  Well, wonder no more, this blog […]

Fitness Entrepreneur…?

It started maybe 11 – 12 years ago, I wanted to start my own fitness business in the La Crosse, WI area.  I was freshly graduated from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, hot off of an awesome internship with the Chicago Bulls’ strength and conditioning staff, and was determined to change the world! […]

Train the Deadlift

“Maintain the Squat, Train the Deadlift.” — Gray Cook What does that even mean?  You may recall in last week’s blog, that I had talked extensively on the fact that the squat movement can also act as an effective exercise.  However, for many people – loading it is not an option because of their FMS […]

Do you know squat?

A couple of weeks I got pretty raw about the squat exercise on my Facebook page, you can find the posts here, here, and here!  The reason I got raw about this exercise is because it has been so abused by the fitness world and does not even replicate what a squat should look like! […]