Functional Movement Screen 101 (Part 2)

For more information about the YouTube video, you are going to need to read further into this blog and I will explain what its all about!  Enjoy! Last week you got a little taste of the pancake portion of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) exercises and the numerical scoring system that is assigned and why […]

Whaddya Bench?

I know that this wasn’t my first attempt at the bench press, but it was early in my career and I remember it vividly.  It was an August evening during the summer preparing for my Freshman year of High School, and the second football practice of the day had ended.  Walking off the practice field […]

Never Run Again …

… unless, of course, you are strong enough!  You didn’t let me finish. You will find that I have many pet-peeves in the fitness arena, and one of them is the people who think that the only prerequisite for running is to go and buy a pair of fancy, expensive shoes.  I may not be […]

Enter The Functional Movement Screen

I’ve been attending the Perform Better Summits every June in Chicago for five years now and I’ve always been there for the pre-conference and heard the same speaker talk about the same topic every year. My takeaway each June was, ‘I like his presentation, he’s a real genuine and funny guy, and his message is […]