Does the title of this blog leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Are you thinking about military-style sit-ups, jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, pull ups, and more?  Maybe you are taken back to a time in school when this was part of the curriculum for P.E. and you didn’t fare so well.  Rest assured, I […]

The Death of Personal Training

If you’ve been hanging around Fitness Lying Down for a little while and reading our blogs, you know that we tend to approach fitness differently than other places.  It’s no different when it comes to personal training.  We have kept our finger on the pulse regarding fitness outside La Crosse and finding out that 1-on-1 […]

Train to Live

Not necessarily live to train. Too many of us get caught up with the idea that in order to improve our physical fitness levels we must spend countless hours in the gym and kill ourselves.  This expectation stops a lot of people from even attempting to reclaim their fitness, achieve their goals, and earn their […]

2×4 Fitness

I hate to exercise!  Whoa … aren’t you always talking and posting about fitness and exercises to do to improve ourselves?  Yes.  I hate to exercise, but I love to move!  I’ll be honest, I was getting really drained out from the typical exercises and losing interest quickly in the field that I was so […]

Exercise ADD

Unfortunately, this serious problem often goes undiagnosed in many gyms and has long-term effects resulting in  inefficient workouts that do not help the affected individuals reach their fitness goals.  You will know someone suffers from Exercise ADD with symptoms that include, but not limited to, taking extended rest periods between sets and exercises, workouts that […]

Sandbagging It!

I’m going to switch up gears now and talk exercise equipment, and one piece in particular today, the sandbag.  Not just any sandbag, but the Ultimate Sandbag created by Josh Henkin of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training.  I have seen videos on YouTube of people showing how to make homemade sandbags at a less expensive cost than […]

The Stability Factor

My knowledge of stability was upended by no one other than Gray Cook when he said that stabilizers do not need to be strong, they need to be fast.  Huh?  All education before that moment told me that the stabilizers’ role is to, of course, stabilize and therefore need to be strong!  Then, I started […]

What is Fit?

There was a time in my life that I was able to bench press a lot more weight than I can now.  There was also a time where I was capable of heavily loading a bar across my shoulders and lowering myself so my thighs were parallel with the ground and standing back up (normally […]

That’s Ab-tastic!

Finally.  I have preached about the bench press, the squat, the deadlift, and I’m pretty sure you won’t ever read a whole blog devoted to the arm curl. But now, the most obsessed, most worked on body part in the Western World … the abs.  Not just the abs, however, but the entire core from […]

Do you know squat?

A couple of weeks I got pretty raw about the squat exercise on my Facebook page, you can find the posts here, here, and here!  The reason I got raw about this exercise is because it has been so abused by the fitness world and does not even replicate what a squat should look like! […]