What Are They Saying?

Elizabeth Butler

Pre FLD & Current FLD

As someone who has ran pretty consistently for the past six years, when I was told in order to improve my hip mobility I would need to take a yellow light on running, I was, needless to say, a little hesitant. Nevertheless, I find it extremely important to take care of my body and do what is best for my long-term health. So I managed to not run one single time in the two and a half months I worked out with Fitness Lying Down and worked on improving my hip mobility. However, I noticed way more than just my hip mobility improving while participating in group training sessions at Fitness Lying Down. I noticed changes in myself and in my abilities that I had not seen happen in the six years I had spent running. Having been screened again and given the green light to run, I have resumed running, but I am definitely still continuing my work with Fitness Lying Down. After only two and a half months I am so happy with the results I have worked for, I cannot wait to see what I am able to achieve in the following months! Thank you Cory and Anthony!!

Find out why running is great, but may not be the best for you right now!
Never Run Again!

Brian Clements

20141117_07275510 years ago I suffered from a 3/4″ tear in my left Achilles by playing basketball. I did physical therapy to handle the recovery, but that was it. In February 2014, I completely tore my left Achilles playing basketball, again. I had surgery to repair the Achilles, completed physical therapy, and am now working with Anthony and Cory at Fitness Lying Down to fix my movement issues and strengthen my repair to ensure that I have balance across all of my body – and I am loving it! Plus, their unique style truly is helping me become more mobile in my hips and shoulders. I feel more well-rounded in my fitness thanks to their guidance and coaching!

A Note From Fitness Lying Down:

We took Brian through The Functional Movement Screen at the end of August, 2014. As of November 2014, Brian has increased his score of 10 to 14!  What does this mean? Initially Brian scored a 1 on his hip mobility screen, we would call that a dysfunctional movement pattern (maybe the culprit of the Achilles problem!).  With some corrective exercises and hard work, he now is enjoying fully functional mobility in his hips with a score of 2 out of 3!  In addition, we have seen improvements in his deep squat, hurdle step, and rotary stability scores, too!



Cait Larsen DPT, CSCS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
The Body Shop, LLC

Fitness Lying Down will change the way you think about movement and exercise!  Instead of ignoring underlying problems, creating pain and damage, they screen clients to reveal movement dysfunctions and design a program that builds a more stable person from the foundation up. I highly recommend their exercise programs for my clients who need reinforcement of their physical therapy gains to remain pain-free.



Joan Schilling

I found myself at the age of 66, doing the treadmill daily and becoming less fit, feeling less strong, and more fragile. Then a “suggested” page showed up on my Facebook timeline: Fitness Lying Down. I looked into it and became very intrigued, scheduled a Functional Movement Screen, and signed up for the intro training. I was blown away by what I couldn’t do, but was determined to regain all that I had lost over the years.  Fast forward 3 months: my posture is upright and I am not only looking strong, I FEEL strong! I am also very grateful that I was started out at the level I could do and having progressed my ability at just the right pace…from the floor up!
This workout is not just for young people…women will appreciate that the majority of exercises I am doing is what I was taught to do in physical therapy to increase bone density to stave off osteoporosis.
I am so glad I found this fitness program…it is something I can do and feel real results. Good health and fitness are priceless commodities. Once they are lost, it takes effort to get them back. I am grateful that I am on the right track and plan to stay on this track for a long, long time!!!!
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