There is only one movement that I know of that is responsible for getting you from the ground up and from up back to the ground. Can you name that movement pattern? LUNGE! In the human experience there are 7 movement patterns utilized: squat, hinge, push, pull, rotation, gait, and lunge. The problem, however, is in the fitness industry we take that lunge movement and turn it into an exercise for people that are unable to do the movement itself.

We load it in ridiculous ways and have you lunge for an excessive amount of reps. And for what? So you can get tired, sweaty, nauseas, and sore! Why? Because that validates us as fitness professionals because that is exactly why you paid us right? To get a workout in? To be sore, tired, and sweaty?

That is how I used to see it before opening up Fitness Lying Down, but I’m a changed man. I promise! Lunges require a strong, stable core and the ability to connect the lower body to the upper body through the feet and hands. This is why we refuse to start our sandbaggers with lunges. We give them opportunities to restore their core strength & stability while reclaiming their strength, and this helps to set the stage for lunging success not only in the gym, but outside the gym…you know, where it really matters!