You Will Never Get Bored
With Our Workout!

This is something that bothers me when gyms try to market and appeal with their ever-changing workouts. The fact is, in this industry we’re not suppose to, a catch phrase I’ve picked up on, “enter-train.” Your trainer, no matter who they are, has worked hard to create a complete workout for you to make you better. If you are getting bored with your workout – it’s most likely your fault.

Do you really need to change up your workout routine every time you visit the gym, or your training session, to stay interested? What is wrong with learning an exercise (or as we like to call it – a movement skill) and get better at it? I’d like to take it back to the ol’ football days in Bruce, WI. Not familiar with that town of 880 people – it’s OK. No matter what the outcome of the game was, Coach P. was always good at finding something we needed to improve upon and we would continue practicing it until he was satisfied, and it made us a better team & individuals. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of telling Coach about being bored learning how to block better …

So, even if you thought you had a good – or GREAT – session, I’m sure there is one thing you could look back at and say, ‘that could have been done better,’ correct?

What is the one exercise your trainer asks you to do, but you say you don’t like? Why? Is it because it’s too challenging for you? Is it because it requires more brain power than brawn power? Is it because it does require practice to make it better (and we know no one has time for that)? Now, on the flipside, if it causes pain … that’s a whole separate issue. But, if you don’t like an exercise because it requires you to eat a slice of humble pie – take the biggest bite, get better at it, and learn from it!

You are only as strong as your weakest link and if you continue evading and ignoring such a link you will never find success in your training programs!