Do you like to get yelled at while on the fitness floor as means of “motivation?” Are you satisfied walking into a gym for your first session with the bar set at an unrealistic, ridiculous level? How about soreness? Do you like to be sore for days after a session? If these are not the training effects you like, don’t worry – you are not alone! We in the fitness industry can do a better job creating an environment that provides success while you work towards your fitness & health goals in a safe and sustainable way! This week we have three distinct pleasure of hearing from Josh Henkin, CEO and creator of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, to help us break down where in the industry we can improve not only for our clients, but also for those with boots on the ground working in the trenches. A very high energy episode with lots of takeaways if you are a fitness pro or enthusiast – this episode is for you!