In the beginning of Fitness Lying Down, we’d hear questions about why we don’t have any mirrors in the gym. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty standard in gyms to have mirrors, but for what? Listen as Cory breaks down our mirror non-issues at FLD. And, brace yourselves, you’re about to hear the answers Cory provides for the Cup Of Joe Meeting hosted by WWBIC (Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation) at FLD this week. It’s been an amazing journey these past nine years navigating through employment termination, business dreams, financing gymnastics, impressive growth, business partner break-up, COVID-19, and more business dreams to where this humble gym in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin has succeeded past many other’s expectations! Cory shares the ups & downs of being a fitness business owner and what he’s relied on for almost a decade to keep his sanity and life balance. Great episode to enjoy whether you’re a FLD client, fitness enthusiast, small business owner, or just curious!