Are you strong for summer?! Yeah, that’s right, STRONG! There are a lot of “challenges” around this time of the year with the focus on changing your body by way of crazy workouts that essentially burn you out, and diet plans that leave you starving. Sure, some might experience some progress over a short period of time, but you’re not set up for long-term success, and subsequently the cycle continues. If you’ve been following us here at FLD, you know we take a different approach to strength training, and if you’re new here we’re glad you found us! 🙂 Our training philosophy focuses on making you stronger – in your muscles yes, but especially in your movement! This enables you to take on everyday life better by giving you movement freedom and confidence in yourself. We like to celebrate your strengths!

At the end of spring we host a challenge where you get to clean and press one of our Ultimate Sandbags as many times as you can in two minutes. Then, we work with you for 6 weeks in a group or semi-private setting and test you again at the end of the 6 weeks. In all of the years we have done this challenge, the results clients have gained has been amazing to be a part of! What a way to kick off your summer feeling strong!

This challenge is for you if you want to get stronger, are ready for something different, want coaching and guidance from professionals in functional movement and nutrition, or are looking for an encouraging community!