What a vicious cycle: go through extreme eating patterns and fitness programs for a short time to lose weight before the summer only to find yourself gaining it back (and sometimes more) before the summer is even over with! Was it really worth it? To put yourself through such misery and deprivation only to see the hard work you put in NOT pay off?

However, what if there is a better solution out there? A more sustainable, healthier option to better prepare you for the summer months where you’ll build strength, move with confidence, and feel better (and not to forget…look better, too)?

Of course we wouldn’t be writing this and asking that question unless we could actually provide the answer! Our 5th annual Strong for Summer challenge is beginning Saturday, March 28th. This is exactly the fitness program you are looking for if you’re tired of putting in so much hard work and watching it go to waste.


We’ve witnessed so many successes from the previous 4 years that we could not not do it again! Watching people in six weeks become more movement efficient and building that strength that gave them the ability to join in on those summer activities without the pain they once experienced. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all! One thing that we excel in at FLD is meeting everyone where they’re at and helping them grow and develop at their pace. This is what you need if you have gone through the extremes of fitness and found yourself injured as a result!

We’ve taken a page out of the DVRT book and modified their clean and press test using the Ultimate Sandbag (USB). See, in order to become a DVRT certified instructor you have to clean and press a USB so many times in 5 minutes – the amount of reps and actual weight of the USB depends on whether you are male, or female, and body weight. But let’s say it is no easy test!

FLD coach, Megan Berner, demonstrates the three phases of the clean and press using the Ultimate Sandbag

We’ve made it that we’ll find a weight that works for the individual and have them clean and press it as many times as they can in 2 minutes. We will perform the 2 minutes of cleans and presses in the initial testing and six weeks later we’ll all sit back in awe of how much better this strength & power standard improved!


Our very own FLD owner and DVRT master trainer, Cory Cripe, revisits his clean and press test as a special 40th birthday present to himself!

Not only will you gain strength from spending these few weeks to improve the clean & press test, but you will notice how much more mobile and flexible you’ll become and how much more better your body will be moving and we think everyone can benefit from that in today’s world, right?

CLICK HERE to sign up and properly get ready for the summer of 2020…it’s going to be HOT!