April of 2020 we were gearing up to host our 5th annual Strong for Summer challenge and, as you may have known, something happened in March that derailed all of the world’s plans! Well, thankfully things have been starting to gain some traction and moving back to a little normalcy — a little — around the La Crosse area.


Since Summer has quickly passed us by there is no sense having the Strong for Summer challenge, is there? But what about a 6-week challenge to reclaim your strength? We can understand how fitness habits and goals were stymied because of all the craziness during these last 6 months. Gyms were shut down in the area and so many had to do what they could in their homes while also attempting to manage and balance everything else in their lives, but it still wasn’t enough.

We see this time as a great opportunity to climb back on the horse and get moving in the right direction again — and we’d love to help! The Corona Clean & Press challenge is a sustainable, healthier option for building strength, moving with confidence, and feeling better (and not to forget…looking better, too)! What a great way to build momentum as we finish 2020 and prepare you for whatever could happen in 2021!

Our Corona Clean & Press challenge is beginning Saturday, September 12, and is exactly the fitness program you are looking for if you’re tired of putting in so much hard work only to watch it go to waste. This time you’ll put in the work, yes — but it will have a lasting effect!

You might be asking ‘How does the challenge work?’…glad you asked 😉

You will come in for the initial test and perform as many sandbag cleans and presses as you can in 2 minutes. After the initial test you will enjoy our training as we clean up your energy leaks and weaknesses to prepare you for the final test. Six weeks later we will all sit back in awe of how much better this strength & power standard improved you!

FLD coach, Megan Berner, demonstrates the three phases of the clean and press using the Ultimate Sandbag

Not only will you gain strength from spending these few weeks to improve the clean & press test, but you will notice how much more mobile and flexible you’ve become and how much more better your body will be moving and we think everyone can benefit from that in today’s world, right?


Our very own FLD owner and DVRT master trainer, Cory Cripe, revisits a very challenging clean and press test as a special 40th birthday present to himself!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Corona Clean & Press challenge and finish 2020 STRONG!