We can all agree when growing through your fitness journey and building a better lifestyle how consistency is key. When we can repetitiously perform a task, we create habits (good or bad), and let’s say those good habits become the changes necessary to improve our lifestyle choices. And for the most part, when things are going well it seems that it’s easy to stay consistent with our fitness programs. But what happens when we’re injured?

Injuries can be a major setback in anyone’s journey and can sometimes derail us from continuing to fight the good fight, especially in the gym. How many times have I seen people abandon their workouts due to a shoulder injury, knee pain, or low back issues? And I would have to boldly say after being in this industry for over 20 years that it is our fault as fitness professionals to allow our clients to stop with their training because of injury/pain.

Of course I don’t mean that we are going to apprehend anyone trying to leave and force them back in the gym (at least not on Tuesdays), but we should be more experienced as professionals and have the knowledge to design a better program that will actually help our clients on the way to recovery instead of making it worse.


When I mention injury/pain I am NOT referring to any condition that needs medical attention or specialized therapy. You can’t solve a medical question with a fitness answer.

However, many of those aching pains and nagging injuries don’t necessarily require medical intervention either, but some good ol’ fashioned strength training and core re-awakening. And that’s the magic of what we do at Fitness Lying Down! The beauty of how we train people to move better is that we don’t need to avoid these “trouble” areas, but create more stability to help the mobility to help them feel better!

Our aim at FLD is to make sure our clients feel better (no matter how better) than when they arrived. I think this is where we really drop the ball in the fitness industry. We are loving it when our clients talk about how exhausted and tired they are from their near-death, fitness experience. However, when they leave these sessions that they barely survived, they also have achy shoulders, knees, etc.

No matter the level of intensity of any of our sessions we want our sandbaggers to leave with their joints feeling better than when they arrived and we make sure that happens! I can’t count how many times someone has come in and told me their shoulder wasn’t feeling right. The old trainer in me would be thinking we need to do everything to avoid pressing overhead or any other exercise that would affect the aching shoulder. Nowadays, I say, “Ok. Let’s do some overhead presses!” To this I’m greeted with suspicious looks…well not anymore because I have earned the trust of our clients and they’re willing to follow my coaching 😉


But guess what? We coach them to do the presses the right way, the FLD way, and not only does the press not hurt, but they will say how it actually feels good! Same with low back issues and knee pain – we don’t avoid what conventional reasoning would make us think we should avoid, but get right at the heart of it!

The science of human movement is astounding and what keeps me so engaged as a fitness professional! I can take what I know about the science of movement and the creativity of program design and come up with masterpiece sessions that will provide our sandbaggers with strength, mobility, balance, and the ability to feel good in their bodies.

This is one of the multiple reasons so many of our clients stay with us for 3+ years – because we’re sustainable, we keep them going even through injuries and pain, we make a difference in their lives that will last longer than 6 weeks. And when it comes to making the right choices to improve your lifestyle and stay consistent in your habits – wouldn’t it be nice to belong to a fitness community that won’t let you down and keeps you going?