If you are looking for a gym so you can “feel the pump,” or are looking to get absolutely destroyed by your workout – move on to another blog. However, if you are seeking to move better & function well – keep reading (this may be the best thing you read all day)!

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Wavy Bar Curly Thingy

Most gyms are proud of their bodybuilding & powerlifting approach to fitness because it’ll give you the guns, chest, and abs you want – the “show” muscles, but it pretty much stops there. You may look better, but do you feel better, do you function better…? Are you training for what really matters – life. Case in point: sitting on a chair with your arms propped on a bench curling a wavy barbell to your face. Can you explain where on God’s green Earth you are going to use that exercise to function in life? Bulging biceps – useless; may look nice, but useless.

I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: powerlifting and bodybuilding are SPORTS, not lifestyles. Men & women competing in these sports are athletes and will earn an athlete’s reward. However, they will also pay an athlete’s price. Meaning, they may win a trophy for all of their hard work like any other athlete (and may even make some money), but like other athletes, their sport takes a toll on their bodies. Again, these men & women are athletes training for a particular sport. John & Jane Doe working a desk job 40 – 50 hours a week interested in fitness are in need of training beyond bodybuilding and powerlifting exercises. They need to move. They need “go” muscles, not “show” muscles.

Six weeks ago we started our Strong For Summer Challenge at Fitness Lying Down. We want to see people move better and become stronger, and not just barbell and weight room strong. Squatting with a barbell can be a good exercise, but it’s not the same as squatting down with a kid in your arms reaching for the toy they just dropped on the floor. Deadlifting with a barbell can be a good exercise, but it’s not preparing you for picking up a large cooler filled with your favorite beverages and meats (or meat-less options if you’re that person) and carrying it 50 yards to that Memorial Day Weekend destination. So many other fitness challenges promise results they can’t control – lose X amount of weight in X weeks. We decided to make this a performance challenge because we can promise better,stronger movements.

Don’t get me wrong, if you need to lose weight – that’s important. Losing so much weight in X amount of time is not a lifestyle change, though … it may lead to one, but let’s be honest – you either win or lose and then go back to what you did before the challenge. A great Gray Cook quote:

If you want to see your abs, eat better.
If you want stronger abs, move better.

So, the Strong For Summer Challenge, and not just The Challenge – but our whole training philosophy – offers people the opportunity to become stronger through movement-based training (rather than exercise-driven training) and to experience a more efficient way to function during life’s activities. And one of our clients was so proud of her efforts and improvements, she decided to put an awesome post on Facebook. And this, ladies and gentlemen is why we do it!

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