Where most group fitness classes have a million participants to one instructor, we like to keep the numbers small so clients can experience our precision coaching and benefit from a more stable, less chaotic training environment.

Our small group training sessions are capped at 12 students for one coach to ensure that proper form is attained and everyone is getting an effective session for their fitness needs.

Gone are the days of those people in the back that can’t hear and see what the instructor is doing up front and hoping they are getting it somewhat right, struggling to keep up.

You will discover how every session focuses on total body exercises, emphasizing the core muscles by taking our students through all seven primal movement patterns (squat, hip hinge, push, pull, lunge, rotation, and gait/walking) and creating a strength training stimulus by going through the three planes of motion really providing for a well-rounded, 3D, functional training experience!

At Fitness Lying Down we are able to effectively coach everyone where they are at making the necessary adjustments to each exercise based on where that particular student is.

By using the DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) system we are able to progress, or regress, any exercise by changing variables such as holding position and body position – instead of adding, or decreasing, the weight being used.

If you are familiar with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) then you will love one of our small group training formats: MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training), our answer to a better approach for High Intensity Interval Training. Most HIIT timing protocols forget about the second “I” in HIIT – Interval. They rob you of adequate rest to make the session appear “intense” when in actuality it’s creating tiredness – not intensity.

And when you are tired in a session like this there is absolutely no way to maintain a high level of intensity for each exercise and it leaves the door wide open for possible injury.

We program our MRT sessions so each student can work at a high level at every exercise and benefit from the work they put in with enough rest to keep everyone safe and focused on thriving with a given exercise, not just trying to survive!



Maybe it’s just us but after 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry and providing personal training services, we have discovered that 1-on-1 personal training isn’t very efficient. For the client, or for us, it can be a little creepy having one person watch your every move and correcting every rep. Yes or yes?

We are excited at Fitness Lying Down to employ the semi-private personal training model! And what does that mean for you? This means you don’t have to worry about some personal trainer breathing down your neck and correcting your every move. You can count on the fact that when you show up there will be other people sharing the same session, but each person having their own, personalized workout created for their fitness needs and goals.

Why Would You Want That?

We allow 4 clients for 1 coach in our semi-private personal training sessions. Even though everyone has their own program our coaches are able to effectively lead and guide each person through their own session ensuring that quality is high and form is on point!
Even though in a 1-on-1 personal training session you have booked an appointment with your trainer, people still tend to lose the motivation and cancel more sessions than they’d like. However, in a semi-private session we see how clients enjoy coming in more because of the people they train with and how this provides a more motivating environment for our clients to excel in!
People love to share experiences and our semi-private personal training sessions are no different! Sharing sessions and Fitness Lying Down stories really opens up a social environment that inspires our clients to be better based on others cheering each other on!
Let’s face it, one reason people don’t sign up for, or continue with, 1-on-1 personal training is because it’s expensive. Being able to share a session with others keeps the value high because it is still personal training, but the price point is more affordable for everyone making our training a serious return on your investment!
We understand you can’t always commit to the same time and same day because, hey – life can get in the way. As a direct result of allowing up to 4 people in each session, scheduling becomes easier and more flexible for you the client – a win/win!


Yes! Employing a training system provides us with the freedom to meet everyone where they are at and allows them to grow in the system as they progress and become better.
We definitely invite, but never force, our clients to remove their shoes and enjoy their sessions with feet bared because of the additional strength they will receive. The feet are so important when it comes to how the body moves that we want to provide an environment for our clients to be fully aware and engaged with their mind & body for a stimulating experience!
What you might see as only a sandbag we see as a fitness tool. And our tools have very specific, functional purposes to them. Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer when a screwdriver is needed. Depending on the individual and the goal for a given exercise you will see the right tool from our fitness toolbox being used for the right job.
Where most fitness programs are geared towards muscle strength – isolating a particular body part for an individual muscle response. We focus our attention on training the body the way it was designed to move: everything working together. So our training is integrative, strengthening your movement patterns, which in turn, will also strengthen the individual muscles, but everything else, too – ligaments, tendons, fascia, and the brain! This is movement strength.
If losing weight is your goal, then it is our goal, as well! However, we never put the cart before the horse and understand weight loss happens more in the kitchen that it does in the gym. Our goal is to seal up energy leaks you may have that is affecting your ability to do the daily activities your life requires. And as a result of our integrative approach to strength training, you will discover how you are starting to see muscles that you may not have seen in a long time and how your clothes are fitting looser than they did when you started your journey with us at Fitness Lying Down!

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