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  • The Sweet Truth

    The Sweet Truth

    Did you know that there are a variety of sweetners on the market and that some might be better than others when it comes to achieving your nutrition goals? In this week's episode our dietetic intern, Christie, has a plan for you on where to consider sweetners in your diet. No matter how you plan to nourish to flourish , these tips from our nutritionist intern will guide you on your way to healthy success! ....

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  • Strength Training For Men

    Strength Training For Men

    It's true - our group fitness classes tend to have more women than men. What does that mean exactly? Are we a special personal training club where "No Boys Are Allowed?" Of course not! Cory speaks on behalf of his fellow men and breaks down what is required from men AND women to be successful at our gym for their strength training goals. ....

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  • The Answer To Your Nutrition Goals!

    The Answer To Your Nutrition Goals!

    How many times on your journey of health & wellness has one little incident totally derailed your goals for the day? For the week? For the month? Megan the Trainer RD wants you to stay on the path of progress when it comes to meeting your nutritional goals. Whether it's weight loss, weight maintenance, or any other goal you have set out to accomplish. That's why she is ready to provide you with some simple nutrition tips to help you not fall flat! ....

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  • Take Your Deadlifts To The Next Level!

    Take Your Deadlifts To The Next Level!

    If you are marking your strength training calendars the way we are at Fitness Lying Down, then you know last month was Squat-ober and now we filp the page to Hip Hinge November, and boy does Cory have some amazing and helpful exercise tips to make this movement pattern more effective for you in a group fitness class our outside the gym in your daily life activities. ....

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  • Meal Prep 101

    Meal Prep 101

    Full schedules and busy weeks are a part of life, however it shouldn't force you to meal prep with boring foods that you don't even like. Megan the Trainer RD has some amazing, realistic nutrition tips to ensure that the meals your prepare and cook during the week are not only nutritious but are fan favorites for everyone around the dinner table, as well! ....

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  • Upgrade Your Fitness

    Upgrade Your Fitness

    In this day and age we expect our tech to provide for quick, efficient & effective service. If those expectations are not being met, maybe the hardware is out of date. Maybe we need to look in settings and see if the software is up to date. When it comes to strength training we are still satisfied to be using personal training "software" and "hardware" from the 80s and 90s. Shouldn't we expect from from our group training fitness classes? If you are happy with your fitness "tech" from the past - don't be surprised when your results are the same as if texting from a landline telephone from 1993! ....

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  • Gym Motivation

    Gym Motivation

    This may come as a shock to most people, but there are times many gym goers are not motivated to actually workout! What happens when you aren’t motivated? What are the consequences when life takes precedence over personal training? Most importantly, how does your fitness coach help to motivate you and pump you up when you’re down? Cory is excited to share some valuable lessons he has learned about gym motivation with you in this edition of Kettlebells & Coffee! ....

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  • Three Keys To Hunger Satisfaction

    Three Keys To Hunger Satisfaction

    When battling hunger, do you even know what hunger you're attempting to satisfy? Did you know your body has more than one form of hunger? Sounds awfully complicated figuring that your health/fitness/nutrition goals were already challenging with only one known form of hunger to deal with. Good news! It isn't as difficult as you might expect it to be thanks to Megan the Trainer RD helping to navigate you through the ins & outs of these three forms of hunger. Whether your nutritional goals are weight loss or maintenance - understanding these three keys will be a game changer for you to nourish to flourish! ....

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  • FLD 100: The Century Club

    For the first time ever in podcast history you will have the privilege of all four FLD coaches on at the same time! We go through questions ranging from celebrity crush all the way to favorite comfort foods. We will also pull back the curtains of how we do things at FLD and you will hear for yourselves how our team gets along like no other team in the fitness industry! Don’t miss this amazing celebration of our 100th episode! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST ....

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  • FLD 099: Ninety-Nine Problems & Strength Ain’t One!

    This week Cory addresses a fitness phenomenon known as ‘Farmboy Strong.’ What is it and where did it come from? When we are building strength – will any kind of strength do? And in actuality is being so strong in all movements and in all planes of motion a good thing? Heavy hitting episode with a dash of FLD history included for your listening pleasure 🙂 LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST ....

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  • Mo’ Mobility

    Lately you might have been hearing how important mobility is and the various ways to improve this aspect of your physical fitness. Many times these “mobility workouts” tend to be redundant and don’t actually serve the needs you are searching for. We’re excited that FLD owner, Cory Cripe, is willing to share how mobility is addressed on our training floor and it might not look like what you think it is! You will be surprised to discover how mobility can be gained through strength training during your group fitness workouts or while you’re working with your personal trainer! ....

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  • Nothing Beets This Nutritional Tip!

    Discover how beets and beet root powder can level up your energy and improve your mood! This little root vegetable can also help with other vital needs for your body. Easy to add and increase the nutritional value of other food sources such as drinks and shakes to provide you with more so you can nourish to flourish! ....

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  • The Answer To Tight Hip Flexors

    How many times do we approach improving tight hip flexors and IT bands with common stretches that turn out being a bandaid solution? In this week’s episode, Cory delivers the true solution to battle tightness in the thighs that will have a lasting affect in a way that static stretching fails in comparison! ....

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  • The Oatmeal Hoax

    The Oatmeal Hoax

    We've all been told how healthy oatmeal is for heart health, fiber, weight loss and so on. We've been duped into believing that eating oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start your day. Stop falling for this trap today and discover how oatmeal is not the best start to your day and there are plenty more in your cupboards to make up for what is lacking with this so called meal! ....

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